iQuila Enterprise

iQuila is the next step in the evolution of secure global network connectivity. It is a unique AI enabled protocol (VEN), that establishes secure, encrypted Layer 2 connections across any type of standard internet carrier. Therefore, networks connected using the iQuila VEN (Virtual Extended Network) protocol can deliver unified Local Area Network functionality to geographically diverse resources, anywhere.

iQuila has more robust security, greater connection speed, stability, and lower latency than any other connectivity solution in the global market.

Using iQuila, organizations can empower their assets with real time, fully encrypted, secure communication channels, even in the most adverse of conditions.

iQuila can handle many thousands of concurrent connections and intelligently manage them, to ensure network resources are well distributed.

The inbuilt AI effectively maintains the highest quality of service to each separate connection at all times, maximising the efficiency across all of its data streams.


The iQuila protocol was designed to be clustered. Unlike existing WAN clustering solutions, the iQuila cluster functionality can be easily configured to support seemingly complex networks with millions of users. Developed with organisational agility in mind, iQuila was designed to enable up to 64 high powered iQuila Enterprise servers in a single cluster that can be spread across multiple data centres, supporting up to 1024 clusters in a super cluster.

iQuila gives you a reliable and robust solution that can handle many tens of thousands of concurrent connections.

Reduce Support Costs of Legacy VPN technology by up to 80%
Simple to Deploy
Deployed in minutes not hours
Fully Secure using the latest encryption
Enjoy Speeds of up to 1GBs throughput
Secure Internet Browsing
Clients benefit from Full Pre Windows Active Directory Login
Integrates into AWS, Azure, G Cloud and many more
Full Layer2 Support, carry any VLAN from Office to Office
Try before you buy
Zero touch deployment
Always-on connection ensuring policy enforcement and end-point protection
Centralized control and administration of branches and remote workers
Same subnet connectivity, enabling Global DR on demand
Multi-tiered security
Reduced cost (reduced technical footprint and license requirements)
Increased productivity (less down time/increased speed)
Reduced service desk tickets regarding connectivity
Governance and Policy compliance
Improved working flexibility (remote/home working)
Seamless and Simplified, no user action required
Flexible home working without compromise
No requirement to return to HQ for updates