Connect LAN to LAN using the world’s first AI-empowered SD-LAN Cloud Service

In today’s crazy world with the necessity to work from home MSP`s are battling with legacy VPN solutions or solutions based on legacy VPN with all the installation and support problems they create iQuila is a cutting-edge technology that enables encrypted layer 2 connections across ANY internet service and the iQuila cloud service provides this unique connectivity simply, securely and reliably.

This type of connection is a complete game-changer, for the first time it secures the endpoint devices, gives the user a unique level of access which was only available to office-bound personnel and makes the endpoint device subject to corporate security settings.

iQuila uses its own priority protocol Virtual Extended Network using multiple data streams and can connect at speeds of up to 1Gb

Reasons to use iQuila SD-LAN Cloud service

  • Simple to deploy takes only minutes not hours or days
  • Reduce your support calls by up to 95% a service that just works
  • Minimal client interaction required (eliminates login problems)
  • Subscription service no contract no risk
  • Try before you buy

Join thousands of others already using the iQuila Cloud

Increase revenue from existing customer base and reduce support costs

The iQuila Solution

iQuila enables customers to create secure, optimized cloud networks in minutes, add people and devices instantly and deploy network services on demand. iQuila is a provider of cloud-based networking services that deliver an entirely new way to build and manage networks, adding numerous high-availability and resilient features not available with cloud deployments and traditional networks.

iQuila adds innovative, cost-effective yet easy-to-manage security features to each customer’s network infrastructure. We work with security solutions, such as standard access controls and permissions, that companies already have in place.

It is important to note that the iQuila Ai empowered Cloud Network Service never stores packets. Data transit through our platform and resources are dynamically allocated prior to (or during) the transaction for optimal performance and resiliency. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used to secure the traffic, and no passwords or IDs are delivered as clear text. Moreover, customer networks are fully isolated from one another.

The iQuila Cloud Network offers rapid deployment to enable private networks where IT resources are at a premium. It offers unique resilience, high availability and redundancy features. iQuila can reduce costs while enabling companies to see lasting benefits such as increased uptime, reliability, flexibility and effective collaboration.

iQuila augments company security with the latest technology that is non-disruptive, works with security measures already in place, and best of all is easy to manage. With iQuila, customers get the best of both worlds—the cost-savings of cloud services with enterprise-class security

iQuila a simple answer to complex network problems

Reduce Support Costs of Legacy VPN technology by up to 80%
Simple to Deploy
Diploid in minutes not hours
Fully Secure using the latest encryption
Enjoy Speeds of up to 1GBs throughput
Secure Internet Browsing
Integrates into AWS, Azure, G Cloud and many more
Full Layer2 Support, carry any VLAN from Office to Office
Same subnet connectivity, enabling Global DR on demand
Try before you buy
Flexible home working without compromise
No requirement to return to HQ for updates

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