Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already changing the way you work—with iQuila you can now exploit the full potential of this technology to positively impact business results.

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. (AIOps) refers to multi-layered technology platforms that automate and enhance IT Operations by Machine Learning to analyse Big Data collected from various IT operations and equipment.

By using iQuila you can collect and transmit data in a completely new and revolutionary way of transmitting your data seamlessly from any location, anywhere the world and over any type of Internet connection. This capability will enable IT Operations departments to automatically spot, react to, and report on IT Operations issues in real time.

Gartner estimates that only 5% of all large enterprises are currently combining big data and machine learning to support and partially replace monitoring, service desk, and automation processes and tasks. This may be partly due to the cost of the legacy technologies that allow for the transfer of large data loads securely, such as MPLS lines. iQuila offers a strong alternative to MPLS lines, delivering Layer 2 connections of up to 1GB over any internet connection, allowing your organisation to break free from the cost constraints that have historically been a barrier to implementing an AIOps methodology.

With the number of large enterprises implementing AIOps expected to increase to 40% by 2022, iQuila is leading the way in delivering connectivity solutions to enable this growth.

Accelerate your AI journey with iQuila.

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