iQuila Embedded software core has been designed with the Automotive industry in mind. Vehicle connectivity is fast becoming imperative in automotive development.

Vehicle manufacturers need full control of the connectivity component of their services, be it Insurance, Autonomous driving, Telematics, Infotainment or Remote Services.

Connected vehicles means new revenue streams but they also mean increased costs. Until now, in order to provide this connectivity it means potential lock-in contracts with carrier providers.

iQuila will provide an encrypted Layer 2 connection over any provider network including Cellular and Wi-Fi networks directly to you servers.

By using iQuila’s unique Layer 2 connection Automotive manufacturers can integrate iQuila connections into their vehicles allowing full Layer 2 secure connections over 3G/4G/5G and Wi-Fi providers.

The unique way the iQuila protocol has been designed allows secure connections up to 1GB using port TCP 443, this allows you mainframe software to stay in communication with your vehicles allowing greater secure communication than ever before.

The use of iQuila in the automotive industry is only limited by the innovations & business agility of the individual company.

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