Connectivity made easy. Having experienced many VPN solutions, the most common issue was replicating the on-premise experience for the user without having to modify hosts files, network set ups so that they can access all parts of the network, mapped drives, network shares remotely as if in the office and not compromise security.

iQuila, provides a true connectivity solution with seamless access to the corporate network and the data is encrypted. The connection is always ON, this allows the IT Department to push security updates to all on-premise users and remote workers at the same time.

With peace of mind that the remote worker is connected to a VPN that is always on with encryption protecting the device at all times from snooping on unprotected WiFi hotspots and is compliant with IT security policies.

The solution is simple to deploy and configure and can provide home connection to the corporate network which can be configured at MAC address level access, simply plug your laptop into the bridge device for instant access to office network and you can even connect your VoIP phone into the bridge, data and voice is encrypted.

Finally a VPN the IT Admins can trust.

Tony Serratore

Head of IT

I manage a multi-site production facility that has five busy sites as well as a number of remote workers.

Managing connectivity across the entire landscape has not been without its challenges. Until recently, we have been utilising our generic firewall VPN client with generally satisfactory levels of success, but some of our remote users have struggled with our ERP system whilst working remotely.

David had mentioned his latest venture, iQuila and how it would help transform how we work. I was immediately keen to test it. Shortly after launch, I obtained 3 bridge units and an enterprise server. The server was set up and configured in one of my server rooms and one of the bridging devices set up to feed a 16 port switch. The set up and configuration was a breeze and everything ‘just worked’ first time.

Its design and protocols meant that I had no need to deploy a second firewall on the second site, the Layer 2 network would take care of it all, I just needed a line. The line didn’t need to be anything over the top either due to the accelerators built into the design. The remit for this site has now expanded and it will soon become a fairly busy operation so I have upgraded the bridging unit to a second enterprise server.

Since the introduction of iQuila into my infrastructure I am safe in the knowledge that my network is not only secure, but that the remote workers will be able to work productively without any hindrance.

I think it is also worth mentioning the laptop client. Again this is an absolute breeze to set up and easily out performs anything I have tried before including our existing firewall client, which was very expensive. Just by firing up the client gives me AD access to my network, but this can also be managed via the software to whatever level I decide.

This is a superb solution for multi sites and remote workers. Its ease of use and its reliability make this a must have for companies and businesses of all sizes.

Rob Fell

IT Manager

iQuila Enterprise and the Office Bridge provided us with a seamless solution for remote home workers to access internal resources as if they were sitting in the office without compromising our network security. Most impressive was the ability to deploy remote VoIP handsets with minimal latency and without any additional configuration, jitter or performance impacts.

Mark Caesar
IT Infrastructure Specialist
The Orders of St John Care Trust